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Functional VOCP System

A single executable program and a number of Perl modules comprise the core of the VOCP system. VOCP handles incoming calls, processing user input and allowing callers to navigate the system where they may leave and retrieve voice mail messages, email messages, pager numbers and faxes or run programs on the host and hear their output.

This section will help you install and configure all aspects of the core VOCP system, including Caller ID setup and using Text-To-Speech.

Overview Install Configure Upgrade Boxes Command Shell Caller ID TTS
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Boxes are the nodes within the VOCP system - when users call in, they arrive in the root box (box number 001) and from there they can navigate the interlinked boxes using the keys on their telephones

The configuration of VOCP is done through the vocp.conf and boxes.conf text files. While vocp.conf controls all general aspects of the program behavior, the boxes.conf file sets up the structure of the voice messaging system. It is where you create voicemail, pager, command and other boxes. It allows you to determine which box leads to which other box etc.

Many different types of boxes may be created and interlinked within the system - boxes for leaving voicemail and pager messages, boxes which accept messages for groups of users, boxes for sending and receiving faxes, boxes to run programs or interact with a restricted shell... They all have a few things in common:

  • They have a unique number
  • They can be configured using the VOCP BoxConf interface

When a call is answered by VOCP, the caller begins her journey through the system at the root box - box number 001 (unless you have configured Caller ID based filters, in which case the call may be immediately forwarded to some other box). Callers will normally follow the prompts, entering their selections using the DTMF keys on their telephones and navigating the interlinked boxes until they find themselves in a terminal box (for instance, a voice mail box or a fax-on-demand box) and the call is terminated.

The VOCP System administrator determines the system's layout, assigning box numbers, box owners and box functions. The easiest way to do so is by using the VOCP BoxConf configuration utility, a graphical interface used to manage the system.


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