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Q I get a 'this function has not been enabled' error when trying to transfer a call to VOCP from the Call Center.
A Because the Call Center must send a signal to the vgetty process, ...

Much more than an answering machine, VOCP transforms your computer into a full-featured call answering and voice messaging system. With the VOCP System, you can create an unlimited number of voicemail, pager and command shell boxes which callers will navigate using their touch tone telephone. You can send and receive faxes, listen to your email using text-to-speech, filter and redirect calls based on caller ID information, run programs through the telephone and more.

To run VOCP, you need to have
  • a computer with a voice modem and suitable OS (Linux, Un*x or others capable of running Perl and vgetty)
  • Perl
  • the vgetty program installed and configured
  • the VOCP program installed and configured
  • All the information you need to install and configure VOCP can be found on this site but if you are looking for professional assistance with installation, to purchase a pre-installed and configured system or anything else, we can help - just let us know.

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    VOCP 0.9.3 has been released and with it come a host of features and fixes.
    There are many new features and interfaces available in the 0.9.X series. These include

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