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VOCP and VoiceMail

Altough VOCP has a number of functions, voice mail is one of the most important. Voice mail can originate from a telephone call, be created by converting text/HTML email or from other sources. You may create any number of voicemail boxes and create groups which forward voicemail messages to a number of different boxes.

Voice mail message may be retrieved by telephone, through the web or locally using the graphical interface.

Phone xVOCP VOCPweb
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Using xVOCP should be rather intuitive. Launch the program:

as the owner of the box(es) you wish to view. If multiple boxes exist for this user, select the box in the Box menu. Enter the box password.

You can double-click on a message to hear its contents. You may also use the buttons to

Refresh refresh the message list
Stop Stop play
Play Play the selected message
Play All Play all messages from the selected message to the end of the list
Forward Forward the selected message through email
Delete Delete the selected message

An export function is also available from the Message menu, that allows you to export the selected message to either ogg (vorbis), mp3 or wav format.


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