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Faxing With VOCP

VOCP fully supports faxing. You can create fax-on-demand boxes and fax reception boxes. VOCPhax will allow you to view and send faxes from your VOCP host.

Configure Receive Send Dynamic Faxes
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Once faxing is setup, you can use VOCPhax (/usr/local/vocp/bin/ to create and send faxes. Launch the program. You may now use File->Open g3 from the menu to open g3 fax files or use File->Create to create faxes by converting existing files in other formats (png, ps, pdf, eps, tiff, jpeg, tga, xpm, gif and bmp are among the supported formats). When this is done, click the add to Queue button in the VOCPhax view window. You will notice that the VOCPhax main window now shows a preview of the out queue containing a thumbnail of your newly created fax.

Add as many pages as you wish to send in this manner. You may reorder the pages by dragging and dropping the thumbnails to their new positions.

When ready, select File->sendqueue. A dialog will allow you to enter the phone numbers you wish to send the faxes to. Enter a phone number in the text field and click add. If you've made a mistake, select the phone number and click the remove button. When you're satisfied, click send.

That's it, the faxes should be spooled and sent the next time faxrunq(d) gets around to it (when that is depends on your configuration).

You can check the outgoing fax queue with the faxq command and delete jobs with faxrm.

Fax On Demand
You can use VOCP to send faxes to remote callers in a number of ways. The simplest method is the 'faxondemand' boxes (see VOCP box types document for details). When accessed, these boxes will optionally play a message and proceed to send the fax as configured by the system manager. Each faxondemand box sends a single fax, then disconnects the call.

This allows you to configure a system where callers select a fax to receive, for example

box 100 "Press 1 to receive a list of our products, 2 to receive some notes about
our company, press 3 to receive our NDA" - with branches 1=101,2=102,3=103

And boxes:

101 faxondemand box Sends /path/to/prodlist.g3
102 faxondemand box Sends /path/to/aboutus.g3
103 faxondemand box Sends /path/to/nda.g3

You can use the boxconf configuration utility to create and manage fax-on-demand or other boxes - just make sure the fax files these boxes point to exist and are valid fax output (g3 format files).

Script and Command shell output
Another method, the script and command boxes, allows you to dynamically select which fax will be sent. Script and command boxes allow you to run any program of your choosing, optionally passing in user input as a numeric or textual argument to the script. If you set the 'return' type of these to 'sendfax', output from the script will be interpreted as a fax to send. Thus, a program like this:

  my $hour = localtime(time())[2];
  if ($hour < 12)
	print "/path/to/morningfax.g3\n";
  } else {
	print "/path/to/afternoonfax.g3\n";
  exit (0);

can be set as the program to run in a given script box with 'return' set to sendfax. When accessed, this box will send a fax - which fax gets sent depends on the time of day. Of course, the scripts can do anything you like before outputting the fax to send so you can be as creative as you want.


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