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When a caller wishes to hear his messages, he must enter message retrieval mode. To do so, the user enters the special (and reserved) box number 999 (followed by the pound, #).


The number of the voicemail box to access is requested followed by a request for the associated password (note that if the password contains text, the user must enter the text using the method described for entering text for a command shell program). If these are correct, the user may access his messages.

When in message retrieval mode, the user may select the following options: play, delete, date, record a message for this box, listen to message for this box, hear help message (reminder for key-action combinations) or quit. Each action has an associated number:

DTMF Action
  1XX   Play
  3XX   Delete
  5XX   Date
  7   Record msg
  8   Listen msg
  9   Help msg
  0   Quit

For play, delete and date, the keys following the action number (the XX in the table) indicate which message to apply the action to. For example, '115' will play ('1') message 15, and '309' will delete ('3') message 09 and '521' will tell the user the day and time at which message 21 was left. For the play and delete commands (exclusively), the special sequence '00' after the action code indicates that the command should be applied to ALL messages, thus '100' plays all messages while '300' deletes all the user's messages.

When the user selects '7', he will be asked to confirm his desire to record a new message before actually recording it. When the message has been recorded, a period of silence will stop the recording, as will pressing the # sign. These have some side effects, though, like a period of silence after the message of a bit of (loudish) DTMF at the end - it's best to record the message with software and then convert it to the modem's format (using the pvftools).

The others options are self explanatory.

Note that if you use the same message for many boxes, using '7' to record a new message will obviously affect all those boxes.

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