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VOCPweb allows you to log on to the VOCP voice messaging system and retrieve messages through a browser. After logging in to your box you are presented with an answering machine type interface. Images within the display indicate the current state of the machine while the buttons select various courses of action.

Press the play button to download the current message. If the browser disposes of a plugin to play the sound file format (wav or au files), such as Plugger and Xanim (for linux - see here for pluggins for Netscape for other platforms) you may click the transfer button to toggle the transfer mode from "download" to "embed". When embed is selected, the message will be embeded in the page such that you will hear it immediately.

The controls are:

Bottom row, left to right:
FastBack. Goes back 5 messages (by default). Loops around if current message - 5 is smaller than 1.

Back. Move the current message number back by 1. If the current message is number 1, the current message will loop to the last message.

Stop. Usefull to stop the play of an embeded (see below) message.

Play. The play button lets the user hear the voicemail message and reacts in manner dependant on the currently selected transfer mode. While in download mode (identified by an icon of a disk in the display) the user will be asked to save the message on the local computer and will download it. If the current transfer mode is instead "embed" (represented by a speaker icon in the display area), the sound file will be embeded in the HTML. If the browser has a plugin which supports playing the selected file format (wav or au), the message will be heard immediatly.


Delete. Deletes the current message. This option must be explicitly enabled by the system administrator to function, it is disabled by default for security reasons.

Forward. Advances the current messages by 1. If the current message is the last message, the current message will loop to message number 1.

FastForward. Goes forward 5 messages (by default). Loops around if current message + 5 is greater than the last message.

Right hand side of the display, from top to bottom:
Dl/Embed Clicking on transfer type button toggles the image and the transfer type. Messages will be sent to the browser such that the user may save the file on the local disk when the display shows the disk icon (download mode). While in download mode the button shows the speaker icon and clicking on it switches the user to embeded message mode - the messages will be embeded in the HTML and, if the browser has the appropriate plugin, messages will be heard through the browser by clicking on play. The current transfer type is always shown in the display.
Note: To use embed mode, sound files must be accessible to clients on remote machines - this means that if a person knows the name of a message file he may download and hear it and may compromise message confidentiality. It is safest to use download mode (which does not need to create these webserver readable files) but explicitly logging out of VOCPweb will delete the embeded files so be sure to log out when you are using embed mode and you can be certain that any temporary files will be removed.

Wav/Au The message sound file format, wav by default. Clicking on wav toggles the sound file format. While the button shows "au", clicking on it toggles the user to au file format. The current format is shown in the display.

Details Shows some information about the current message.

List Shows a list of all messages, their details and a link to jump directly to that message.

Logout Logs the user out of the system (and delete and webserver readable cached embeded message files).

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