VOCP System - Screenshots

The most important parts of VOCP, the call answering and voice messaging core, only presents a TUI (telephone interface). However, VOCP does have a number of supporting programs with graphical interfaces and, since everybody loves a screenshot, some examples are included here. In order to keep the page light, the screens have rather poor definition (they are highly compressed) but they should give you a good idea nonetheless.

xVOCP is a local message retrieval interface, which allows you to manage, export and forward your voice messages - More on xVOCP

The Call Center
The VOCP Call Center displays caller id information and gives you easy access to xVOCP and VOCPhax - More on the Call Center

VOCPhax is a local fax viewer and sending interface. The main interface displays thumbnails of faxes - More on VOCPhax

This is the VOCPhax view window, which allows you to zoom in and out of fax pages

VOCPweb is a remote message retrieval interface which allows you to listen to your messages from anywhere there's an internet connection - More on VOCPweb

Box Conf
VOCP BoxConf is used by the system administrator to create and manage the VOCP boxes and the system's call flow - More on box conf

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