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Vgetty and VOCP must be properly installed and working with your modem before configuration will yield positive results... please see the Vgetty installation and VOCP installation pages if you haven't already done so.

The vocp.conf file is used to configure the system's behavior and to tell it about your particular setup (where to look for certain files, etc.). Normally, most of the entries in the file do not need to be modified - especially after the ### END USER CONFIG ### line - but there are a few options you may need to tweak.

Make sure the following options are set correctly for your system

pvftooldir directory which contains the pvftoXXX utility programs
rmdformat the rmdformat for your modem
rmdcompression the compression method to use when creating rmd files
rmdsample the sample rate to use for rmd files
programs email the program used to send email notifications
email_attach_message whether to attach voicemail to email notifications
message_in_email_format   format of attachments (ogg, mp3, wav)

All the info needed to set these correctly can be found within the vocp.conf file itself (normally located in /etc/vocp/).

Additional configuration may be required if you wish to use voicemail email attachments, Text-to-speech email conversions or program output or other additional functionalities. Please check the relevant sections on the site or in the doc directory included with VOCP.

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