VOCP System - CallCenter - CallerID

In order to use caller id (CND or CID) you must have subscribed to the service with your local telephone company, have a compatible modem and have caller id setup correctly. Please see the Caller ID setup page for details.

In order to have the CID info logged before VOCP actually picks up the phone, edit the /etc/vocp/vocp.conf file and change

log_incoming	1
log_incoming	0

This tells VOCP that something else will be handling incoming call logging. Now, edit mgetty's mgetty.config file and add the line:

cnd-program /usr/local/vocp/bin/cnd-logger.pl

You are now done with the CID setup for use with the VOCP CallCenter (although you must ensure that Caller ID is actually working, of course). If all you are interested in is seeing who is calling you, just launch the VOCP Call Center

$ /usr/local/vocp/bin/callcenter.pl &

and sit tight. The window will popup as calls come in (sometime after the first ring), displaying the caller ID information. Have a look at the using the CallCenter page while you wait.

You can also launch the callcenter from another computer, for instance while you are at work, to see who is calling in real time. Just run

ssh -C yourusername@yourvocphostname /usr/local/vocp/bin/callcenter

This will allow you to login to your remote host and launch the callcenter program. The display will be forwarded to your local X server.

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